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Aussies-Radeau @ Triton May 2011

Food Crisis in Zimbabwe 2009-2010

   Forbidden territories. Penmarc'h. Aug.2009

   Procession de l'Assomption. Penmarc'h. Aug.2009

   Leaks on the roof of the world. Tibet. Sept 2008

   New Orleans Mardi Gras. Feb 2008

   Heavy haulage through the Sudanese desert. March 2007

   A trip to medieval land. Yemen. Feb 2007

   Phenix ready-made house. France. Feb 2007

   The Breslov community, a jewish hassidic group in Mea Shearim. Jerusalem - Israel. Nov 2006

   Frau Funf prozent. A virtual car crash. Germany. July 2007